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Okay, so we know that everyone is now stuck and home with the current outbreak, which means no uni! So today we will be uncovering why staying at home from university is actually a secret bonus. Hear us out, we love uni but there are definitely perks of staying home. Now, for all your marketing students out there you all know, about the 7P’s of the marketing mix, we thought we would adhere to this theme to keep in the spirit of University.


We had to make this number one because we cannot stress enough how happy we are about not having to pay for parking. The stress of finding a car park is through the roof. Come anytime after 11 am and there is no point coming to uni at all because you will not find a spot. If you are lucky enough you will steal a spot between 12:30-2:30 pm but it is competitive. Most days I have to park in the furthest car parking spaces which adds an additional 10 minutes arrival time to class. All my tutors now know me as the girl late to class… Sorry, Shara.


The stress of having clean clothes or wearing something presentable to university is gone, with all these online classes you can ditch the pants and no one knows. Haven’t showered in a week? Neither and no one will ever know. My hair has been in a bun for a while now and I am loving every moment of it. The sweatpants were shoved in the back of the shelf but now I’m running low on options.


I don’t know if I am the only one but my morning generic alarm now gives me extreme measures of PTSD when I hear it. I haven’t had an alarm for the past week and it feels AH-mazing. We now can wake up at any hour of the day, without contemplating whether we can afford to miss our tutorials or if we have friends in the class who can send us the work. What is an alarm, we don’t know her.


Coffee is a must at university, I’m pretty sure when I walk by the refec almost 75% of students have a coffee in their hand. When I see this I definitely get FOMO and find myself lining up at NOMADS for my daily dose of coffee. If I’m bored and alone and have more than 2 hours of a break between classes, yes I will be getting another coffee where possible. If we do the maths, averagely if you are at uni 3 times a week, 2 coffees a day, each coffee is $4.50 (approx, coffee is getting expensive) and we are uni for 13 weeks - you save a total of $351, that’s more than how much we pay for parking!! (sorry if my maths is wrong I do design and marketing). We can put this newly saved money on things that matter now, paint by numbers canvas’, uber eats, buying sims4 (which is now 75% off by the way).

5. No PANIC ATTACKS about “am I doing the right course?!”

Please tell me I am not alone with the weekly “am I doing the right degree” panic attack. I get this after I understand nothing in class, feel like the assignment is too difficult or randomly standing in line at Oscars. I can comfortably say I haven’t thought of that till now… oh, wait.


I am horribly scared of presenting in front of a class especially when the class is filled with people you don’t know and hotties you do not want to embarrass yourself in front of (jk nobody hot is ever in my class, should have studied exercise science). Shoutout to those who can execute this with a breeze and can recite their speech without notes. The worst assignments are the first ones you get at the beginning of the semester, which always is group projects AND presentations… *shudders*

With this whole virtual classroom now in progress, you can have your notes in front of you, wherever you want, have your water, whilst being in the comfort of your bed. The fact that you can not see your peers makes it so relaxing. If your tutor asks questions, no worries, quickly whip up your phone to google it - now you can’t embarrass yourself in front of the class.

7. No PAPER from class

Who here carries around a textbook to class only to not use it and does that every day with the hopes you will finally use it but don’t? Because same. This is now not an issue! Your daily gym workout is gone (which I don’t know if this is a good thing, means we have to squat now… gross). I also get heaps of paper activity work that always goes missing somewhere in my bag or crumpled before the next class.

Hope you enjoyed our version of the 7P’s marketing mix. Let us know your thoughts about the online university. I wonder if people will now be enrolling in online uni next semester. In all honesty, I feel more motivated on campus so this is extremely painful for me to get motivated, so if anyone has any tips let me know. I have an assignment due this weekend that I have not started.

This concludes this week's blog rendition and if you are going insane with all these self-quarantine requirements do not stress we will have a new blog post coming soon about how to make the most of your time at home.

Stay safe,

Megan and the team at UCOMMS :)

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