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Self-Isolation hacks for a UC Comms Student

So, you’re #selfdistancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But what can a comms student do in isolation? Sure, you can binge-watch Netflix - I’m totally for that #staycation, but this is a valuable time to be productive and get ahead of the game. Read on to hear my top three hacks for a comms student during #iso.

Master your personal brand

Figure out who you are and determine what you want to be known for. Your personal brand extends from the way you present yourself in person to your email and online presence - everywhere, all the time. My sincere method of communicating and conscientious and adaptable nature are part of my personal brand. By taking the extra time to develop your personal brand and professional identity, you will be seen as competent, capable and confident. And who wouldn’t want to make a signature first-class impression? If you haven’t already, think about how you present yourself and if that’s how you want to be remembered. Do you dress appropriately for the occasion? How is your body language? Are your Instagram posts engaging? Can you improve your LinkedIn profile and connections? Do you have an elevator pitch prepared? As a comms student, having an effective elevator pitch is incredibly valuable. Even more valuable than toilet paper during COVID-19. Jokes aside, the ability to create an effective elevator pitch is surely a step in the right direction to mastering your personal brand.

Keep up with current affairs

Trust me when I say knowing what’s happening around the world is always a tick in the good books. News is ever-evolving, especially right now, as new restrictions and updates around COVID-19 emerge rapidly. Staying alert and informed around COVID-19 will help us to be expert communicators to our friends and families and ultimately help society. As a Communications Adviser, I make a conscious effort to maintain knowledge of policies and daily current affairs. Being well informed not only helps do my best work but also sharpens my communication and critical thinking skills. It can be overwhelming to keep updated on the news but there are some simple ways to start. I recommend downloading the Google News app or subscribing to a credible daily news email and spending two minutes in the morning reading the headliners. This will also spike your productivity and readiness for the day!

Put your health first

As we are facing a health crisis, it’s a reminder more than ever to be diligent in making our health a priority - for us and for the people around us. The very nature of the comms industry is hustle and bustle. From my experience, comms professionals are constantly working around the clock, which can lead to poor self-care. Right now, take this time to just breathe and slow down. It’s no secret that self-care will increase our immunity and motivation. Win-win! For physical health, don’t forget the do’s and don’ts to protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others.

PS: My heart goes out to everyone suffering from the virus and its repercussions. From one comms student to another, stay safe and take care. #safehands #stayhomestaysafe #supportlocal

Yours always,

Rachel Bernabe

PR Coordinator

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