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Please don't call them consumers!

A new webinar produced by Dave McCaughan, the Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA/Nissan APAC in Sydney, each episode of "What Matters to People" focuses on the consumer profile, and dropping the word "consumer" unless you're really talking to someone in the act of consumption. Each episode features 2 new guests, and is co-hosted by Steve Sowerby.

Check out the YouTube series above, or read more about Dave McCaughan below:

Dave joined McCann in 1986 in his native Sydney where he built the Strategic Planning function and subsequently since 1995 has been based in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo leading regional strategy and communication campaign development for clients including Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Nestle, Cathay Pacific, Sunstar, Hitachi, Johnson & Johnson. Over a 28-year spell with McCann, he has worked as National Planning Director at McCann Sydney, Regional Planning Director and MD of McCann Hong Kong, President of McCann Thailand and GM of McCann Japan. Dave also has been a leader in the AP region in various regional strategy planning leadership roles and started McCann PULSE in 1995, the longest running continuous investigation into people’s lives in Asia. He also supervised the folding of that program into the Truth Central global investigation program since 2011. With this knowledge base he has often been described as McCann’s chief “translator of Asia” for its own global management and clients. Dave has also led strategic development at a regional and local level on everything from Coca-Cola to MasterCard to Motorola to Tokyo Disneyland to Sunstar to Hitachi. He has an extensive history of working on the implications of media changes, how society is influenced by them and then influences them in turn. Dave has talked at over 500 conferences globally and has been a regular columnist for journals like Advertising Age, Japan Close-Up, Mumbrella, Campaign Asia and is about to start regular columns for Japan Consuming. He is a board member and contributor for ESOMAR’s Research World.

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