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People who are killing it during ISO

We love hearing about everything our members and audience are up to and so we thought why not show you off - you look so pretty on our arm babydoll. Some of our members sent in their hobbies and projects , and we love them and know you will too. Below you’ll find some of the killer stuff our members are up to! Don’t forget to chuck them a follow, we’re all about supporting everyone at UCOMMS!

1) No Censorship Podcast

No Censorship is a podcast created for those who grow tired of boring, uninteresting, filtered conversations. We are a podcast that peels back layers and goes deeper on topics and situations that can range from social commentary or funny personal stories/situations. We started with a goal in mind to make out listeners' days brighter by giving them a laugh or information that can take away and apply to their day to day life.

Instagram: @meegan.rosee @_james1699 @mabs_photography


2) Roy Fennis Website

I decided to make a new site because I lost my role at my past workplace due to COVID-19. I wanted my site and work to be updated for when I apply for new roles in the industry. I have a bunch of new work like posters and branding design that I've done fairly recently as well as a few old stuff from a couple of years back like badges and icons etc.

A few interests of mine include basketball, vintage sci-fi movies/tv shows, music, playing board games and anything design related from graphic design to interior design and architecture.

Instagram: @royfennis


3) Gundam model kits

During lockdown, I've kept myself busy by making model kits (gunpla) from the anime "Gundam". I had a slight idea of what gundam was growing up because of a fond memory of me and my brother playing it on the ps2. I didn't really get into it until Iron Blooded Orphans aired on Netflix last year. Now it’s in my top three list of anime and I highly recommend it. I thought it would be sick to have mobile suits from the show decorate my room. It's pretty simple too. You cut pieces from trays then snap them together.

Instagram: @mig.gos

4) Ink and oil interior

“I also say, an absolute master has no rules, which is his only rule” - Zin Ka

Artist Zin Ka combines classical oil painting technique with traditional oriental ink painting methods to create contemporary original colourful art.

Zin Ka graduated from art school and an architectural institute. He has worked as a professional painter since 1990. He has participated in a large number of individual and group exhibitions in Asia and Europe. Currently, he lives and works in Moscow.

With countless solo and group exhibitions to show for it, we think Zin Ka’s art is totally impressive and we encourage you to check his artwork at

Instagram: @zin___ka

Got something cool to show us? Slide in to our DMs and tell us about your side hustle, we would love to promote it for you!


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