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Calling all Marketing, Advertising, CPC and PR students!

If you're not already convinced to join us I've created a list on why you should . . .

For $5 a semester you will...
1. Be invited to Industry Trips in Canberra, Melbourne, or Sydney to explore some awesome career options. 
2. Create connections and learn technical skills with industry professional
(aka become the networking King/Queen). 

3. Meet heaps of awesome people from all walks
of life and get the opportunity to make life-long friends!
4. Eat a lot of free food!



Please complete these steps to becoming a ucomms member

Step 1: Please follow this link 
Step 2: Search "UCOMMS" 
Step 3: Login with your student details
Step 4: Fill out form and click Submit!  

If you encounter any problems please contact us!

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